About Me

My first word was “mum-mum” and I used it to get my parents’ attention as I would point to different food items. Next it was “mah-seeh” which was a Cantonese version of “oatmeal.” My grandmother makes the world’s BEST savory oatmeal.

But enough about my origins.

This blog is dedicated to foodfor nourishing my life, my thoughts, my dreams. I will write about:

  • Exciting recipes (e.g. pupusas, chinese tamales, cauliflower fried rice)
  • Delectable foods adventures. Ok, so maybe they can’t all be delish – but they will nonetheless be entertaining!
  • Musings on my food-related experiences. Lesson learned: you should cook the cauliflower before you put it in the Vitamix when experimenting with a vegan cream of cauliflower soup. Unless you like drinking a bitter sting, with a lingeringly terrible aftertaste.
  • Curious food facts. I did not know until recently (yesterday) that there was such thing as a “Mission-style burrito” or that it originated in San Francisco. Did you?

Hope you’ve got an appetite.

Eat up!

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