spicy pork sandwich from seoul sausage company

spicy pork sandwichSeoul Sausage Company started as a food truck – I remember first encountering it years ago in K-town at a food festival in a small parking lot. I somehow managed to have too many tickets to redeem for food and ended up eating TWO sausages from these guys, on top of full meals from other trucks. Incredibly, they were still enjoyable.

Now they have a more permanent location in Little Osaka: a storefront off Sawtelle that’s poppin’ even on weekdays. They’re a down to earth spot with great staff; even though I’ve only been inside once (so far!) I remember how nice the guy was behind the counter when we couldn’t decide what to get. I’m pretty sure he gave us free drinks when we realized we forgot to order them.

seoul sausage coJon brought me take-out from Seoul Sausage Company last night – a Spicy Pork Sandwich. He’d eaten there and ordered the Poutine, which he described as a creamy french fry dish.

The sandwich buns threw me back to earlier childhood days, when burgers were a simpler affair. My first bite was actually quite spicy – much hotter than any other bite into the sandwich. I think I may have bitten into a rouge and substantial chili or something since none of the other bites had the same amount of heat. In fact, aside from the echo of that first spice, “sweet” is how I’d describe this sandwich.

The apple cabbage slaw provided a creamy respite to the heat of that first bite, but I’m not the biggest mayo person, so as I continued to eat, it was a bit much. The patty is the star of the show here, and I made sure that for my last bite, I savored it alone—sans bun or slaw!

I’d recommend it as a new blend of flavors to try, but think that next time I’d like to try one of their balls instead =D

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