burgr burgr2

Went to Las Vegas this weekend and tried Gordon Ramsey’s famed BurGR restaurant. (Capital GR for Gordon Ramsay!)

We were much too excited to take photos before diving into the burgers, but from the service to food, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience here.

The display of flames were quite impressive and we ended up buying a copy of the photos they took of us at our table. We weren’t about to buy them but as a last ditch effort to sell them the photog offered 2 for $10. She framed them well with the flames and restaurant logo behind us, so we took her up on it =)

Now for the important part: the food!

Maui Onion Rings: DELICIOUS – especially as they came out first and we were quite hungry. The onions were juicy, not dry and stringy as is the risk any time you order onion rings. The batter was well seasoned and nice and crispy. Comes with a truffle aioli and house ketchup (curry, I think).

Hell’s Kitchen Burger: asadero cheese + roasted jalapeño peppers + avocado + oven roasted tomato. Cooked medium – had the perfect amount of heat to pick up the taste without being too spicy. Roasted peppers and tomato gave it a smokey taste that complimented the heat and rich cheese/avo flavors too.

Gordon Ramsay Burger (not on the menu, but the award winning entree here): avocado + cheese (I think it was the english cheddar) + option of beef or pork patty (pork is recommended, and what I got). Juicy and delicious, think of the basic flavors in a burger, take them to the next level and this is what you’ve got. I loved the pork patty, it gave a slightly different and tender texture here that seemed even juicier than beef.

Truffle Parmesan Fries: Disappointing, would not recommend these (would try the sweet potato fries next time, or even TWO onion ring dishes instead!). Same aiolis came with these as did with the onion rings. Seasoning was good, but when paired with the truffle aoili was a bit too truffle-y. The fries were overcooked. Dry and lacking the fresh fluffy feeling fries should have when you bite into them.

We also got a few drinks. The waitress had a drink menu on an iPad for us to flip through. I had some sort of berry spritzer which was tastey. I liked the mixed drink Jon selected with a shot of whisky in it though – it was sweeter than I expected (which helped balanced the normally dry taste I’ve experienced with whisky). They were a good strength and did their job.

Tip: If you’re a Total Rewards member, you can save $1 off the entrees and apps!