garlicky greens

Garlic Spinach
Sautéing greens is super easy, and they cook quickly.

I like to add garlic to mine for flavor (and health benefits!). When I’m feeling fancy and don’t mind the extra time, I’ll chop up some onions too.

How to cook fresh greens:

  1. Add some oil to a warm pan. Use whatever you’ve got handy (olive oil, coconut oil).
  2. Add garlic (optional). You can add a whole clove as is, minced, or crushed.
  3. (If you’d like to use onions, add chopped onions here. Turn the heat down to low and let them get lovely and translucent. ~15-20 minutes)
  4. Chop up some greens. Use a lot because they shrink down to about 1/4 of their original volume!
  5. When the garlic/onion are ready, turn heat to medium and add the greens until there’s no more room in the pan
  6. Stir around until they’re mostly wilted, and add more fresh greens
  7. Continue to stir around, add more fresh greens until their all cooked up